About Gerard M Burns
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Born in Glasgow in 1961, Gerard graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1983 with a degree in Fine Art. Drawing and Painting have been his passion since childhood. He shared this enthusiasm throughout his teaching career. In 1999 he left a successful post as principal of art at St Aloysius College Glasgow to pursue his painting full time.

Since then his commitment has resulted in his current standing as one of Scotland’s most respected contemporary artists. His growing client base varies from A-list celebrities to prominent members of business communities worldwide. His paintings are most noted for their modern day translations of traditional themes and grace many homes & workplaces. One example is his painting “The Rowan” which the former First Minister hung proudly over his desk at the Scottish Parliament.

Working with a bold palette often on a massive scale Burns’ canvases still manage to convey an almost domestic intimacy, possibly because he paints what he knows. Relatives, friends and neighbours are all used as models and are painted in the rich dark tones which reflect his environment.

As the Artist himself says; “I believe that there is a thirst out there for an art that people can relate to. They are tired of being embarrassed by feeling they don’t understand art. The fact is that most people do have an intuitive feel for what is “good and bad” in art. In my work, I think people see something which they can relate to - instantly. Only then, once the viewer’s imagination has been captured, is there any hope that one can convey or communicate any underlying theme or message.”